How to Migrate NSF to Exchange Online without Any Error?

nsf-to-o365There are lots of users who put the query on the different sites for getting the solution of “how to perform Lotus Notes folder to Exchange Online migration”. That’s why here we will talk over on the best solution available to resolve the user’s problem related to NSF to Office 365 migration. Just follow this entire post which will tell you how to migrate NSF to Exchange Online with the help of Lotus Notes to Office 365 software.

Most of the organizations and its users are using Lotus Notes application from many years, but now due to some reasons, they are looking for shifting their complete database on cloud storage. The reason to choose Exchange Online, because it is the popular day by day that provides n numbers of features and benefits to its users.

Reason to Shift the NSF Database on Cloud Storage

In today’s era, Office 365 cloud application is the most popular ad well-capable enough to perform all the tasks that were earlier performed by Lotus Notes application. Additionally, it is the most secure platform to stores the complete database on the cloud. This application is easy to implement all the operations in a cost-effective, simpler and manageable way. All over we can say directly that Office 365 application is a versatile email system as compared to Lotus Notes email client. These all the basic reasons that that forces users to shift the Lotus Notes database into Exchange Online.

Lotus Notes Folder to Exchange Online Migration – Using Lotus Notes to Office 365 Converter

Whenever the problem arises while migrating Lotus Notes NSF emails to Exchange Online, I always suggest best Lotus Notes to Office 365 Converter.  It helps the migration job easier and facilitates so many benefits such as batch option, preview option etc. To perform the NSF to Office 365 conversion process with this amazing tool you require your login credentials of Office 365 account. You can follow the step-by-step working guide to performing the whole conversion process which is shown below:




Characteristics of Lotus Notes to Exchange Online Tool:

Most-secure and trustworthy tool to migrate NSF to Exchange Online

Required login ID and Password of your Office 365 account for the process

Can transfer bundles of NSF files to O365 in a single round

Preview option available for a brief view of desirable NSF email

Lotus Notes installation is a must for the process

Suitable for all Lotus Notes editions

Operable on any Windows versions such as 7, 8, 10 etc.

Download Free Trial

If you are interested to opt this solution for how to migrate NSF to Exchange Online, then just go and free to download the demo edition of Lotus Notes to Office 365 software that allows you to migrate first 20 Lotus Notes items to Exchange Online at free of charges. Using this demo edition, you can check the complete working procedure of the software.

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