How Do I Export an Email to PDF from Outlook? – Best Two Solutions

convert-pst-to-pdf-formatMicrosoft Office has offers MS Outlook application for personal data management as well as communication purpose. But, its use is too common among the users yet relatively documents are much easier to carry all over the place instead of data items, which are reliant on its original platforms. The following section and particulars the process of knowing how do I export an email to PDF from Outlook 2019, 2016. 2013, etc.

Requirements of Migrating Outlook Data Files to PDF Format

In some situations, users need to convert email from Outlook PST to PDF format to save their Outlook data as a backup or to export their vital emails everywhere. Some of the common reasons to convert Outlook emails to PDF format are listed below:

  • Adobe PDF file is generally used for forensic resolves and lawyers to show the document file as their proofs. So that they can simply transfer the PST data file and store them in PDF format.
  • PDF file is the safest and secure file format that provides password protection for every email message.
  • The PDF format is an independent file format on different platforms and makes them more accessible on any machines like desktop, mobile, tablets. iPad and etc.
  • PDF file is used by various organizations, collage, the school for making presentations and reports.

How to Export PST Files to PDF with Attachments Manually?

There are number of manual methods are available to users using that they can migrate their Outlook email to PDF format. Go through and follow the below-mentioned steps to convert PST files to PDF documents.

Step 1. Run MS Outlook application

Step 2. Choose the email messages, go to File Menu >> press the Save As button and save it as .html format at your required location.


Step 3. Now, choose the saved .html file and right-click on it.  Hit on Open with option and choose MS Word from the list of program.


Step 4. Now press the File Menu >> Press the Save As option >> choose .pdf format from the listed formats to save the file in PDF format. Save it as .pdf file.


Drawbacks of Manual Approaches –

The manual process is capable of migrating a few Outlook data files to PDF, as it needs one by one processing. But if you are thinking to perform a conversion on large size files, then it is not suitable for bulk conversion of data. This solution is time taking and confusing process and good technical knowledge required to perform this method.  Additionally, this process is not safe are possibilities of data loss and data corruption. So, I suggest you, opt a third-party tool i.e. Outlook PST Converter.

Expert Solution – How Do I Export an Email to PDF from Outlook?

If you want to export your entire Outlook data items to PDF in batch and without any data loss and corruption, then you must go with PST to PDF Converter utility. It’s an advances application that enables precise, complete and quick migration of Outlook email to PDF document format. This application programmed to help the user overcome the issues faced by them while using a manual solution. Outlook PST to PDF Converter software is an ideal and perfect solution.

Why Choose PST to PDF Converter Tool?

The software has various advanced features to export PST file to PDF format in just a few clicks. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Allows you to convert Outlook emails to PDF along with attachments.
  • Migrate PST data to PDF without Outlook installation.
  • Support selective data migration from Outlook PST to PDF with advanced filters option.
  • Offers multiple file naming options to save PST as PDF format.
  • Convert all kinds of PST files (ANSI, UNICODE, Configured and non-configured) to PDF.
  • Convert multiple Outlook PST files to PDF Document without any file size limitation.
  • Supports a smart preview facility to view all loaded files before the final process.
  • All Windows OS (64bit and 32bit) editions are supported including current Windows 10.

Last Words

In the above blog post, both manual and automated solutions for Outlook to PDF migration, are mentioned. Users may opt any of the recommended solutions as per their needs and requirements. If they want to go with the professional solution, they can test it by downloading the FREE trial edition of the Outlook PST to PDF Converter and convert first 20 emails from Outlook 2019 to PDF. After getting satisfied with the demo, they can proceed further with purchasing the licensed edition of the software.