How Do I Save Outlook Emails as PDF? – An Ultimate Solution

outlook_to_pdf_pictureThere is no question that Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous and amazing email client applications between users to save and achieve data for communication purpose. Still, a number of users may have a need to save Outlook emails as PDF format in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 versions of it. In this situation, there can be numerous desires but the important thing is how do I save Outlook emails as PDF file without any data loss. So, in this blog, we are explaining the methods to perform a migration by using manual methods or by using an automated solution as per user need.

Reasons for Converting Outlook PST Files to PDF Format

We all know that MS Outlook is one of the best and popular email client applications and widely used email clients. Most of the Outlook users have to the required to export Outlook PST to PDF document. Some of the reasons are mentioned below section:

  • PDF file exhibits documents in electronic format which is independent of hardware, software, and the Operating System.
  • PDF is a freeware application as compared to MS Outlook
  • You can secure and safe their PDF files by protecting the operator and owner level passwords.
  • The safety settings of PDF files do not remain endless so users can allow the users to edit, print, etc.
  • Most of the devices support PDF document easily
  • Users can easily quickly and easily view and read any page of the document
  • The PDF file save multiple information with less size of files
  • PDF document is very beneficial for giving presentations in the government and organization sector.
  • The PDF file also used as legal evidence.

Manual Steps to Save Outlook Emails as PDF Document

There are many free manual solutions is available to users that they can export Outlook emails to PDF format. But, there is a high chance of data loss while performing these manual methods. And, also this solution is quite technical, which makes it complicated for non-technical users to follow them. Still, we have described these manual approaches below you can follow the steps to save Outlook PST files to PDF format.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook in your machine.
  2. Then, go to the “File” tab from the menu bar and choose “Save As”.
  3. Now, a new window will display, where the users want to save the File Type as a liking and choose HTML set-up.
  4. After this, press the “Browse” option and choose the location path to save the HTML file and hit on the “Save” option.
  5. Then, open the saved HTML file >> Right Click >> Start with MS Word.
  6. Now start MS Word, choose the File >> Save As >> Select File Type as PDF file.
  7. At the last, open your converted PDF file.

The above-listed manual process is suitable for migrating few Outlook emails to PDF only, as it takes one-by-one processing of emails. But if any situation, you want to save bulk Outlook emails as PDF on large scale, then it is suggested to use any third-party solution as this will not be possible with the help of this manual solution. Additionally, this free method is not 100% safe as there are risks of data loss and data corruption.

Automated Solution – How Do I Save Outlook Emails as PDF Format

If you are searching for a solution to save Outlook emails as PDF in batch without any data loss and corruption, then you must use Outlook Converter Tool. This application can bulk migrate Outlook data from PST to PDF format with all details including attachments. While converting Outlook email into PDF format, the utility offers various advanced options to convert selected PST files into PDF format with attachments. It supports preview option to view all selected data before the final process. This software support simple and easy user-interface, so technical or non-technical users can easily handle and works with this tool. During the migration process, the application keeps all the data folder and structure without any changes and data loss.  It supports the MS Outlook editions like – 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and etc. and also supported Windows OS including Windows 10.


In the above blog section, we have talked over how do I save Outlook emails as PDF format mentioned both manual and third-party solutions. The users can choose any of the recommended solutions as per their need and requirements. If a user needs to opt third-party tool, then they can test it by downloading the free or the trial version of the software which is suggested above. After getting satisfied with the application, they can further proceed with the buying of the utility so that they can easily convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF with attachment.



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