Various Techniques for Viewing EML Files in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & All Others

Because of the nonstop demand of MS Outlook application, users are continuously transferring from different email applications to Microsoft Outlook. With this amazing Outlook application, any user can simply send/receive emails, manage address books and calendars, etc. However, changing an email client with other one is not as mush simple that we thinks because every application has its specific file format to store their database. As like Outlook email client save their data files in PST file format, on other side there are lot of users who use EML supported email clients such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, SeaMonkey etc. Hence, to easily perform the solution for viewing EML files in Outlook 2007 or any other edition you can go through with this entire post. As the article especially comes to solute the user problem of how to open .eml file in Microsoft Outlook without any problem. So, let’s start and look over on the various methods one by one to save open EML to Outlook email client.

How to Open .eml File in Microsoft Outlook?

Here we will discuss all the possible techniques available for brief viewing EML files in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and all other versions. Read the all the methods and select any one to perform the conversion process.

Method 1 – With the help of WLM & Microsoft Outlook Installation

Before to start this procedure, first take a full backup of EML database and once the backup process complete you can go through with the mentioned below steps:

  1. Download WLM and MS Outlook email client on your Windows machine
  2. In the WLM application, go to the File tab and then Export button and choose the Email messages
  3. After that select Microsoft Exchange as the export option and then directly click on the Next button
  4. After clicking on next, you will get notification that the all emails will be perfectly exported to Outlook/ Microsoft Exchange. Hit OK.
  5. It’s all upon you that you need to export all email folders or choose only appropriate folders that you want to export with the use of Select folders option.
  6. Hit OK button that starts the export process.
  7. When the export process complete, you can click Finish button and check your emails.

Important Note: To perform the above process, you have to install the Windows Live Mail and Outlook application in the one system.  Also, this process includes difficult steps to perform Windows Live Mail to PST conversion process that cannot be easily perform by non-technical user.

Method 2 – Open EML Files into Outlook with the use of MS Outlook

Create a backup of EML data files and then follow the one-by-one step described below:

  1. Install and start MS Outlook email client on your machine
  2. Go to the location where EML files are stored and then choose all the files which you need to convert into Outlook PST file
  3. Now, drag the EML emails and drop these files in Outlook email client
  4. Finally, you can check all your EML files into Outlook.

Important Note: Above technique can be implementable when EML files are separately stored on the machine and no any EML supported email application is installed to access them. But, the MS Outlook is compulsion to opt this solution.

Method 3 – With the use of Outlook Express

Follow the steps are properly mentioned below steps:

  1. Open Outlook Express and then drag all the EML files in it
  2. Install and open Microsoft Outlook on your local system
  3. Hit File, choose Open & Export option and Import/Export
  4. Choose Import Internet Mail & Addresses >> select Outlook Express >> then, Next and click on Finish button for viewing EML files in Outlook 2007, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc.

Important Note: Installation of Outlook Express is obligatory to regulate the above process. Well! it is not useful as because Outlook Express is a discontinued email app of Microsoft.

Method 4 – With the help of EML to Outlook Converter Tool

This is the last and amazing solution recommended by experts that can directly migrate EML files in Outlook without EML supported email client and MS Outlook installation. Let’s follow the short working guide:

  1. Launch EML to Outlook Converter program in the Windows machine
  2. Open the program and add EML files by using left panel of software screen. Take the preview of any EML email by clicking on it.
  3. Click Export and choose PST format from the given options. Then, avail advance options of PST format i.e. create separate PST file for each email and PST split option.
  4. After selecting all the advance options, add the location where you need to save output files. Then hit Convert button to start the process.
  5. Within few seconds, conversion process will be complete. Click OK and check the output files.

Important Note: Using this software, anyone can simply transfer unlimited EML files to Outlook PST format in a single conversion round. And, it can be easy to use by any technical and non-technical ion any Windows OS platform.

Final Words

To resolve the issue of how to open .eml file in Microsoft Outlook, users can opt any of the solution from the above. But make sure choose the direct and appropriate way for viewing EML files in Outlook 2007 or any other editions. However, manual technique include so many limitations that can affect the EML data files. That’s why we have also discussed expert’s solution which is the error-free and reliable method to perform entire conversion process.

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